The future of design and media: IDM at NYU Tandon

jellyfish-like structures hanging from ceiling

An installation at the 2023 Spring IDM Showcase

It was hard to know where to look first: glance up and you could encounter an Arduino-controlled installation of bead-filled plastic bottles whose sound was hauntingly reminiscent of the ocean and meant to evoke a connection between industrialization and environmental devastation; look down, and you could capture your own facial movements and expressions and transmit them to a platform like Unreal Engine or Unity–a boon to a new generation of filmmakers and game developers. To your left, two chatbots conversing as intently as you and a friend might; to your right, a wholly unique take on time-management tools

The Integrated Design & Media (IDM) program at NYU Tandon aims to foster creative practice, design research, and multidisciplinary experimentation with emerging media technologies, and each year the program’s students showcase their work at a gala event that draws hundreds of members of the NYU community as well as the general public.

More than 140 works employing video, audio, software programming, VR/AR/XR, motion capture, and animation were on display across several floors of 370 Jay Street — an undertaking that took Operations Administrator Sam Jackson and a veritable army of faculty members, staff and students months to plan and pull off.

See highlights from the IDM Showcase

It would be difficult to name the standouts (and luckily, all are available on the IDM Showcase website), but here are some suggestions to get you started.

If you . . .

Like having a good laugh: try Artificial Intelligence in Stand-Up Comedy, an exploration by Aman Chopra

Aren’t afraid of the dark: try Neela, an eerie immersive game by Andrew Win

Want to wear more sustainable clothing: try Rivo, a platform by Anran Lin that allows users to redesign their old items instead of casting them off

Are concerned about equitable healthcare: try More than Blues, a socially supportive app for Black women suffering from postpartum depression, by Blessing Emole

Wish you could compose your own music: try Magic Melodyland, an educational VR experience by Athena Hosek

Are committed to accessibility: try Inclusive Indoor Navigation, a project by Jayden Kim that aims to provide a seamless experience for people with disabilities or mobility issues by using augmented reality technology to display directional information and landmarks on the user's device

Understand the need to nurture good mental health: try Journey to Wellbeing, a virtual therapeutic space designed by Ni Ni Than for use by therapy professionals

Have avoided getting medical care because of a fear of doctors: try Patient Hero: The ER in VR, an extended reality experience by Branden Potter

Are worried about AI and its possible use to spread disinformation: try Real Fake, a film by Yutzu Chen

Interested in using multiple mediums to express creativity: try Tidal Odyssey, a live-coding music improvisation production with blind and visually impaired teens, by Xinran Shin