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A successful future built on engineering looks different for everyone. Start building yours here.

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The Experiential Learning Center (ELC) is a one-stop-shop connecting Tandon students with a wide range of immersive & multidisciplinary learning, collaboration, and career-readiness opportunities.

These experiences prepare you to put your engineering education into practice, and learn by doing, making, and designing. You will cultivate the 21st century skills needed to tackle real-world problems, preparing you for industry and your future as an unconventional engineer.

Because your goals are as unique as you are, you will build the right combination of hands-on experiences while exploring your major and program. The Experiential Learning Center will help you shape your individualized pathway to the future you envision — a vision that can expand and evolve as you gain new skills and perspectives.


Build a curriculum just for you

Whether you want to join one of our Vertically Integrated Projects, or understand first-hand what it’s like to create a product or start a company, you can find innovative courses that complement technical teaching with valuable opportunities to explore team dynamics, learn the process of innovation, collaborate with industry, and more.


Build something real

At the MakerSpace, you will access the guidance, expertise, and prototyping resources to facilitate your desire to create and make your ideas real. Watch your world-altering invention come to life in front of you.


Build pathways to leadership

You’re not just an engineer; you’re a future leader in the field of technology and beyond. Check out our programs that emphasize the skills and knowledge that unconventional engineers need to take charge of the challenges — large and small — that you’ll come to face.


Build impactful research

Tandon students are key contributors to the research that is produced by the school. Learn more about how you can contribute to research projects as a student — or launch your own.


Build a more equitable society

Tandon students don’t just want to engineer the future; they want to create a better future for all. Join our groups aimed at inviting and fostering a wider range of experience, knowledge, and perspectives for the engineering world.


Build a global perspective

It’s a wide world out there, and experiencing it first-hand is key to expanding your horizons and learning how other cultures, societies and groups approach technology and innovation. Find out more about how you can step onto the world stage.


Build your professional future

Our career services and professional development resources will support your transition into the workforce as you launch your career. As you build your pathway at Tandon, the documentation of your projects and experiences will be critical when engaging with potential employers.

The development of a professional design portfolio will showcase the work you have done and skills you have acquired throughout your undergraduate career, leveraging each experience to prepare you for the future.


Build your journey

From the beginning of your time at NYU Tandon, to the day you get your degree, you have so many options to make your education your own. With the help of the Experiential Learning Center, you can craft a unique set of experiences to learn inside and outside of the classroom, and collaborate with your peers to achieve amazing things.

At NYU Tandon, you can …



… use your chosen field of study to build rockets.



… design a world-changing prototype.



… learn how to design, operate, and maintain our civil and urban infrastructure.



… turn your novel engineering idea into a groundbreaking business.


And so much more. With a flexible curriculum and a host of extra-curricular opportunities, the sky — and beyond — is your limit.


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